Sightseeing Transport Made easy With A Good Chauffeur

When venturing off on holiday, and looking to travel the world, you’ll find that there is nothing quite as simple or luxurious as getting a private chauffer. This opportunity to take the guesswork out of transportation is going to be one of the most incredible opportunities that you can explore.[…] Read More →

Heathrow to Southampton Cruise Transfer

Many of those who now take cruises from the UK find that the cruise line offer day of cruise transfers from Heathrow for a supplemental price however one size does not fit all. There are many who fly in but find that timings do not suit or the group of[…] Read More →

Airport Transfer and Limo Names Worldwide

, Around the world there are multiple terms for individuals or companies that make bookings for private transportation. In the USA People look for diverse phrases such as Car Service, Limo Service, Taxi, Airport Pickup Livery Company, Shuttle or Ground Transportation. In the UK the common phrases are Taxi, Minicab,[…] Read More →

Limo Apps and Safety

We find that many companies are now offering apps for limo or taxi type services now and there are some apps which no doubt work well. However with surge pricing the bill you get when you complete the journey may be a nasty surprise. With the additional concern that a[…] Read More →

Parking Costs at Airports and Ports In London and the UK

Over the last few years parking costs have increased thought Britain. On Street parking has increased in many towns and Boroughs especially in the City of Westminster and Camden. Street patrols issue tickets to drivers for parking like confetti and this of course affects Chauffeurs, Mini Cabs, Taxis and Private Hire[…] Read More →

Heathrow Airport Transfers

There are many companies offering Heathrow airport transfers. Be aware that if the price looks to good to be true then it probably is. Heathrow Airport Transfers should be offered with inclusive waiting time and the knowledge that the driver will be waiting for your for your Heathrow Pick up.[…] Read More →

Central Chauffeur Has a Blog

At Central Chauffeur We have been offering Airport transfers and ground transportation for a long time. We realised that our experience counts for a lot so want to share our Knowledge with you. Welcome aboard.